Our values guide us towards our achievements. Our Code of Ethics reinforces our commitment to conduct business in accordance with the applicable laws, with ethics and integrity in all our dealings with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, shareholders government and society. After all, a team must abide by the rules if it is to be a winner.


If you identify or suspect of any situation that might represent a violation of our Code of Ethics, the applicable law or any internal policy, please report immediately to the leadership, to the Ethics Area or through the Ethics Hotline, using the channels below.

Phone: 1 888 300 1029

These channels are handled by an outsourced company independent of the Netshoes Group, and anonymity and privacy are assured for anyone reporting an unethical situation, provided that this is permitted by law.

Netshoes Group will take any reports of potential violations of ethical conduct, or situations which could expose the company to risk, extremely seriously. These reports will be investigated whenever necessary. We do not tolerate acts of retaliation against any individual making a report of potential violation in good faith.

For consumer services matters, please contact our Customer Service Area through the webpage available in Portuguese or Spanish.